Bitmart Invitation Code: 200BMX Coin and 70% Earning

Sign up with Bitmart Invitation Code “mW5p6g” to earn 200 BMX coin and 100% off on trading fees. Bitmart is a cryptocurrency platform where you can invest your money in coins like bitcoin, and Ethereum to make passive income. Moreover, you’ll get an additional discount if you choose to pay a fee via Bmx. And what’s new? yes, Bitmart exchange offers a referral program. So, use Bitmart Invitation Code if you want to earn a 70% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! Your friends also get rewarded with an 80% trading fee discount and win upto 20 BMX coins.

get 200 bmx coin

bitmart Invitation code

About Bitmart Invitation code Benefits 2023

My referral code “mW5p6g” helps you to get a 100% discount on trading fees and helps to earn 200BMX coins. BitMart has prepared referral bonuses for all users as a way of saying thanks, whether you’re a long-time customer or just checking us out for the first time.

BitMart invitation Code mW5p6g
Invitation Bonus 200 BMX
Trade Discount 80%
Referral Commission upto 70%
Valid New users
Refer & Earn Register

How to sign up for Bitmart Using the Invitation code

  • Go to through the link.
  • Add Invitation Code: mW5p6g.
  • Complete registration either with email id or mobile no.
  • Confirm email address or mobile no.
  • Get 200 BMX instant after your 1st crypto stake– that’s all you have to do.
  • Do the first trade to get cashback
  • If you use BMXcoin for trading then you’ll get an extra 25% discount on trading fees.

Bitmart Invitation code form

We Bitmart will send the 200 BMX to your BitMart account within 15 business days! Start referring friends now so you can earn commissions and they can receive 200 BMX as well!

How to refer and earn in Bitmart

  1. After successfully signing up go to that bitmart dashboard.
  2. Click on the more and there you will the referral program.
  3. At the referral program dashboard, you’ll find the referral link and Bitmart invitation code “mW5p6g”
  4. Share your code with your friends and family to get a discount and BMX coin as a reward
  5. Earn a 70% commission on every friend’s trading and a chance to win a BMX coin.
BitMart is also offering a chance to earn 50,000 BMX coins (Bitmart Invitation Code: 200BMX Coin and 70% Earning)

Invite Friends & Win Up to 50,000 BMX

The top referral will be ranked based on the total number of new users they successfully invited to register at BitMart using the BitMart invitation code (KYC is required). The following awards will be given to the top 5 users with the most referees:

  • 1st: 50,000 BMX
  • 2nd: 20,000 BMX
  • 3rd: 10,000 BMX
  • 4th: 8,000 BMX
  • 5th: 5,000 BMX

BitMart Invitation Rules

  1. Users can send invitation links or invitation codes to friends and invite them to register via your invitation link or code. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
  2. Only users who register through referral link/code, complete KYC, and initiate at least one trade (trading volume >= 5 USDT) on BitMart (Spot or Futures) will be eligible to receive the 200 BMX.
  3. Direct referrals will earn a 70% commission from transaction fees, and indirect referrals will earn a 10% commission from transaction fees. For example, if user A invites B, and user B invites C. User A can earn 70% commissions from B’s transaction fees and 10% commissions from C’s transaction fees.
  4. After the invitee successfully registers in BitMart with the BitMart invitation Code, the invitee will get 200BMX in 15 days
  5. Transaction fees in the BMX market are not included in this program.

About Bitmart Exchange

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform, ranking among the top 10 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. Officially launched on March 15, 2018, BitMart currently has over 600,000 registered users, with a daily trading volume of about 400 million US dollars. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands with branch offices in New York, China, South Korea and Hong Kong, BitMart currently offers crypto-to-crypto trading for coins and utility tokens only. BitMart will ultimately take cryptocurrency trading to new heights by providing future contract trading, over-the-counter trading, and whole-network trading.

BitMart’s mission is to drive the world to a better financial system with more fairness and equality. It is the best marketplace for crypto exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ether or Dogecoin and earn through Bitmart Invitation Code and win upto 20 BMX coin. Get to know bitmart go to the its website

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