BTCEX Invitation code: Get $3000 bonus on signup for Futures

Sign up with BTCEX Invite code “f765atg1” to get a $3000 bonus on your 1st crypto stake. BTCEX crypto exchange is very well known for its transparency & liquidity in marketing. It has spot trading and perpetual trading. If you’re a new user then don’t miss the chance of getting huge rewards on your crypto account. Moreover, BTCEX also offers a referral program through which you can also earn crypto coins and USD. So sign up with an invitation code and get a $3000 reward instant. Then Share your code with friends to get a 40% commission on your friend’s trading.

Get your $3000 Bonus

BTCEX invitation Code

About BTCEX Invitation Code benefits 2023

My referral/invite code “f765atg1″ will help you to get extra bonus and 10% off on trading fees while staking.

 During the valid invitation period, the invitees can enjoy a 10% discount on the transaction fee when trading on the platform. 
BTCEX Crypto Exchange
Btcex Referral Code f765atg1
Refer & Earn Offer
Signup Bonus $3000
Per Referral 40%

How to create an account using the BTCEX invite code?

  1. First of all visit BTCEX Website
  2. Secondly, enter your email and password
  3. Get the Verification code ON MAIL and verify it
  4. Most important, Enter BTCEX Invitation code- 19631647
  5. Start Trading on Pairs and earn a commission.
  6.  You should do Kyc with a passport or national id to trading
  7. Om 1st Crypto Stake Get $3000 bonus on sign up

How to get the 3,000 USDT reward?

 Invite friends to register on BTCEX, complete the tasks and earn rewards! 
  1. After Successfully Sign -up on BTCEX, go to the dashboard
  2. Then Click on the referral Program
  3. Copy the Invite code and link and Share it your friends and Family
  4. Earn unlimited commission on their trading
  5. Receive bonuses when your referral makes cumulative deposits of 100 USDT or more and annual trading volumes of 10,000 USDT or more.
  6. Invite friends to trade perpetual contracts, the higher the trading volume is, the more rewards you get.

Referral Bonus

  • 10 USDT + 10 USDT: Both of you will receive a 10 USDT bonus if the referee’s cumulative deposit total reaches 100 USDT and their ongoing trading volume reaches 10,000 USDT.

  • 2,000 USDT Bonus:  The bonuses you receive depend on how much money your referees have traded overall.

Trading Volume Bonus with BTCEX Invitation code

The total perpetual trading volume of your qualified referees during the campaign. Referees who are disqualified from trading will not have their volume counted

Copy BTCEX Invite Code “f765atg1″

BTCEX Invite Code

Referral Bonus Rules

  1. A qualified referee is a new user who registers on BTCEX with your referral code/link, with a deposit amount of no less than 100 USDT equivalent, and meets the minimum total perpetual trading volume of 10,000 USDT during the campaign.
  2. The Referral Program cannot be used in conjunction with the Affiliate Program. For more information about the Affiliate Program, please contact [email protected]
  3. The real-time exchange rate of fiat currency to USD will be used to calculate the cumulative deposit amount (in USD).
  4. The cumulative trading volume bonus is only based on the total perpetual trading volume of valid referees. The trading volume of invalid referees and other trading volume will not be counted as valid.
  5. Crypto purchase with credit cards, internal transfers and subaccounts are not supported in the campaign.
  6. Users who registration of multiple accounts to obtain bonus will not be eligible for referral rewards. Any fraudulent or abusive behaviors will result in the immediate termination of all associated accounts.
  7. BTCEX reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the referral program at any time without prior notice.

About BTCEX Exchange

One of the sites for trading cryptocurrencies with the quickest growth is BTCEX, which offers a wide range of goods. You may trade the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, using the BTCEX trading APP (ETH). Download now to take advantage of BTCEX’s professional, safe, and cost-effective services.The trading platform BTCEX offers both spot trading and derivative trading, including options, quarterly contracts, perpetual contracts, and margin. Spot trading provides an easy way to trade and invest. A spot trade is a straightforward exchange of goods or services between a buyer and a seller at the spot price, which is the going rate in the market. When the order is filled, the trade happens right away. Download the App through PlayStore.

A new product called BTCEX Bonus seeks to satisfy users’ expectations for platform testing and product experience while giving traders a risk-free trading opportunity in a real environment. By taking part in the rewards center’s activities as well as other ones like trading competitions, airdrops, etc., one can earn BTCEX Bonus. BTCEX also promotion to win rewards and coins. Prize Pool: 100,000 USDT.


That’s all there is to the BTCEX Invitation code “f765atg1“. SSimply create an account on our platform to get $3000 reward. and begin trading in various cryptocurrencies. To generate passive money, you must begin recommending as many individuals as possible so that your income does not stop.





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