CoinEx Referral Code: Earn 100% cashback on

CoinEx Referral Code is “gw45m” to earn 100% cashback on trading fees on Sign up in CoinEx. CoinEx is the leading Crypto Trading and Investment Platform which offers discounts on transaction fees/ Free CET or BTC as a welcome bonus.

Isn’t it really worth investing! Futhermore Use, CoinEx Referral Code if you want to earn a 20% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! and then your friends also get rewarded with a 100% cashback trading fee discount.


CoinEx Referral Code

Coinex Referral code 2022 Benefits

Future referral code is “gw45m” This code helps you get enormous discount .CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange platforms where you can sell, Buy and trade bitcoin(BTC), Terra, Litecoin, bitTorent and other cryptocurrencies in Iran, United States, Russian Federation, China and, Brazil.  Go and Sign up using my referral code to get cashback or a discount on the trading fee and chance to win future rewards like CET tokens

CoinEX Crypto Exchange
CoinEx Referral Code gw45m
Refer & Earn Register
Signup Bonus 70%
Per Referral 20%

How To Sign up on CoinEx with CoinEx Referral Code

  1. First of All Signup on CoinEx with link or go the website
  2. Enter email and password
  3. Most Important, Enter Coinex referral code: gw45m
  4. After signup, you can trade and get cashback
  5. YOu must doE-KYC to increase Withdraw limit
  6. Start trading in pair.
  7. New User will get extra discount bonus within one month of staking
  8. Get your Welcome Bonus free CET token or BTC after some deposit.
coinex QR code

Download App for everyday tracking and staking

How to Refer and Earn with CoinEx Referral Code?

  • Go the dashboard of CoinEx adter succesfully sign up ( Must Do E0-kyc to upgrade level of commission)
  • To use the CoinEx referral code to get VIP1 trading level and a 50% discount on trading fees.
  • you will need to create a new account, using our special referral link
  • You will see that once you have clicked on the referral dashboard, the code will be applied
  • Now, you just need to complete the rest of the sign up to create your account.
  • Share you Referral Code to get 20%commission on their trading Fees.
  • Also receive free CET on your Friends trading
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About CoinEx

CoinEx is a small and lesser-known cryptocurrency exchange. They also have an Android and iOS mobile app. CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. There are loads of coin exchanges from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is in a way the Mecca of cryptocurrency trading. A non-exhaustive list of competitors to this exchange on its home turf is Binance, wazirx or FTX. It also come up  many promotional activites in order to get free btc bonus and other coins

Sign up with CoinEx Referral Code is “gw45m” and earn 100% cashback on trading fees on CoinEx. The basic reward ratio is AUTO updated based on  VIP level. The reward ratio is 15% for VIP0; 20% for VIP1;25% for VIP2;30% for VIP3;35% for VIP4;40% for VIP5.

Coinex Referral Program and Exchange

Referral rules

1. Only users who register on CoinEx with your referral link or code can be your referred users. If users did not fill in any referral code during registration but you are their first red packet sender, you can count as their referrer. Referred users can enjoy a 3-month VIP transaction fee discount once successfully registered.

2. The referrer can receive a corresponding proportion of the transaction fee generated by the referee. According to the exchange rate, the reward is settled in CET and will be allocated to your account the next day. The actual arrival time might be delayed;

3. Your reward ratio is automatically updated based on your CET holdings at 0:00 (UTC) and 1:00 (UTC).

4. The effective period of the referral reward begins with the time when the referee creates the account, and the effective time is reduced by half after 6 months. After 12 months, there will be no referral reward for this referee

5. The sub-account will keep the referrals of the parent account, that is, the referrer will receive the reward from the sub-account of the referee;

6. CoinEx does not allow any user to refer themselves through multiple accounts. Once verified, all rewards will be cancalled, including the reward for the referee account;

7. Due to changes in the market environment, the risk of frauds, etc., CoinEx reserves the right to make final interpretation of the referral rules at any time.

CoinEx Promotions

CoinEx provides users with convenient and professional value-added services for idle digital assets and mining projects such as Stake Mining, Market Making. Lock & Stake KLAY to Mine 500,000 CET, Lock & stake CET to mine 100,000 FLUX, Lock & Stake CET to mine 500,000 ONES etc.

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