DigiFinex Referral code: Earn $2 BTC + 48% Rebate

Sign up with DigiFinex Referral Code “1G2jz0” to earn $2 worth of  BTC and get 48% commission on trading Fee. DigiFinex is leading Crypto platform where you invest in bitcoin and other coins also as a digital asset, moreover, it also provides a welcome bonus, free DFT(DigiFinex) tokens and discounts on transaction fees After applying referral code.

So, Use DigiFinex Referral code if you want to earn up to 48% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! Your friends also get extra 50% discount on paying trading fees. Win and claim a $40 USD + 0.02 ETH bonus on DigiFinex. So keep scrolling down! Varieties of interactive bounties and generous rewards for you to grab.


DigiFinex Referral Code 2022

My referral code:- 1G2jz0

DigiFinex App/web
DeigiFinex Invite code 1G2jz0
Refer & Earn $2 BTC
Signup Bonus $40 USD + 0.02 ETH
Per Referral 48% commission

How To create an account On DigiFinex global with referral code


  1. First of all visit Website
  2. Secondly, enter email and password
  3. Most important, Enter DigiFinex referral code-1G2jz0
  4. Start Trading and get discounts on transaction fees
  5. Earn welcome bonus and free DFT tokens.

Refer And Earn with DigiFinex Referral code: 48% Rebate


  1. Sign in to the DigiFinex Exchange
  2. Then, click on Referral Rewards
  3. Refer to your friends and family on social media
  4. you can also share your referral code in the comments below.
  5. You can earn a 48% commission discount by using your DigiFinex Exchange App ID Code.
  6.  Enjoy the Earning Tricks.

What is DigiFinex Exchange

With DigiFinex you can invest in your favorite cryptocurrencies using a credit card, and enjoy the best rate on the market. With DigiFinex you can invest in your favorite cryptocurrencies using a credit card, and enjoy the best rate on the market.

DFT (DigiFinex Token) is the native token of DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchange and asset management platform.

-Fiat Deposit 0% fee for the first time and 10 USDT for invited registration
-Earn up to 80% per annum(p.a.) on your crypto fund and up to 8% p.a. on stable coins.
-Buy/Sell 700+ cryptocurrencies at the true cost

DigiFinex Review 2022: Is DigiFinex is safe?

Choosing the right Cryptocurrency exchange platform is an actual task to So,it is vital to read reviews to get insight. It is one of the best leading Crypto Platforms where you can invest your money on demand coins like bitcoin, Etherium Ripple ETc, Although people also reviewed as a scam but I have been trading on DigiFinex For a year its really worth and get good discount on transaction fees with referral code. It totally trustable exchange and provide good perks on deposit like welcome bonus- $2 BTC+ $40 +0.02 ETH.

DFT is an ERC-20 token entirely based on the ETC intelligent contract system. It has liquidity of 130 million DFTs. Until now, there have been no cases of hacking or data breaches on the DigiFinex platform. Its more clear & e most secure platform having bank-like security that includes multiple steps of registration. KYC helps you to secure you account and avoid money laundering

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