Zipmex Referral Code: Earn 10$ bonus + ZMT tokens

Zipmex Referral Code is “lcaI6w3dUX” to earn 10$ and 20% commission from the trading fee. This is the best Zipmex referral code offer that provides a considerable discount and earns free ZMT tokens.

Also, Refer your referral code to a friend to earn ZMT (Zipmex Coin) for every friend that signs up using the code and it locks 2.5 ZMT into ZipLock on deposit and then you and your friend will each earn 5 ZMT.  Zipmexis offers 20% of the commission.

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Zipmex Referral Code


Zipmex Referral Code Benefits 2022

Zipmex Referral ID to earn 50% cashback on staking the first crypto.

Crypto Exchange INFO
Refer & Earn  20% commission fee
Signup Bonus $10 Bonus
Per Referral 2.5ZMT
Zipmex Referral Code lcaI6w3dUX

How To Open Account/login on Zipmex using Referral code


  1. Click Here & Visit Zipmex 
  2. Then, select your Country and Register E-mail
  3.  Most important, Enter our Zipmex Referral code: lcaI6w3dUX
  4. Register your Account
  5. last but not the least Verify Your E-mail
  6. So, Start trading in USDT, BTC, or any other convenient pair.
  7. Lock and Earn 2.5 ZMT worth of 5 USD
  8. You can withdraw only after more than 20 ZMT tokens you received from referral

How to Refer a friend and Earn With Zipmex Referral Code


  1. After Signing in to Zipmex using your referral code
  2.  Complete the KYC process
  3. Buy ZMT and lock with our ZipLock feature, and then When they lock, you both earn a ZMT bonus. Plus, you get an exclusive gift when your friend locks 5,000 ZMT.
  4. Then,  share your referral code on social media
  5. So, start earning!

Your friend will also receive up to 14% APY ZipLock rates into their wallet every day – plus, 2.5 ZMT / 25 ZMT bonus!

How to lock ZMT in Ziplock

Lock up 100 ZMT to get a 20 ZMT rewards plus 16%

ZipLock is a fixed deposit account for ZMTs which allows you to earn 16% interest p.a. You can lock up any amount of ZMT any time. But each time you do so, it’s like locked up for 90 days and you can’t withdraw the amount that you’ve locked up. Locking up your ZMT is simple

  • Go to ‘ZipLock’ in the app or website browser
  • enter the amount of ZMT you wish to keep locked up.

How to Lock up 100 ZMT to become a ZipMember (basic membership tier)

  • Get priority access to events by our partners
  • Monthly lucky draws
  • Airdrop campaigns and more!

About Zipmex Exchange

Zipmex is a major crypto exchange that markets products and services at Zipmex competes with other top bitcoin exchanges such as Binance, WazirX, etc. It sells mid-range purchase size items on its own website and partner sites in the niche online crypto exchanges industry. The platform boasts an elegant interface and powers transactions with a seamless experience for users to buy and sell assets effortlessly, as a result all assets are safely and securely stored with BitGo which provides insurance of US$100M. for daily updates about reveiw

Zipmex Future Referral Code 2022 ehCpz9JLs9″


Zipmex ’s leveraged tokens provide a clean, automated way for users to get leverage. Following Features are:-

  1. Best Exchange Of Crypto
  2. Margin Trading
  3. Invest In USA Stocks Available
  4. Built for traders build by traders

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